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Hi, Dick Wilkinson’s the name and Cybersecurity is my game.

I served in the US Army for 20 years and held a variety of technical leadership roles as Chief Warrant Officer.  My career of service continued as I became the CISO and CTO for the New Mexico Supreme Court where I directed critical IT and Cybersecurity operations. 

Most recently I Co-founded Proof Labs, a cybersecurity technology firm focused on enterprise security and space technology development.

When I am not acting as a global thought leader for topics like IoT security, AI security tools, and CISO professional development, I invest my time in mentorship of military members leaving the service to find jobs in the IT sector as well as the junior workforce of technicians graduating from IT skills bootcamps and college programs.

I am also a proud Rotarian, Paul Harris fellow, big brother volunteer, and political party leader.  

Why dt?


When you hire Dick for your next keynote, you gain access to knowledge and experience from over 20 years working on the nations toughest cyber technical challenges with the National Security Agency. He has been behind the security curtain and knows how to deal with the most challenging contingency. His insights into how America has dealt with the rise of cyber threats can help your team adapt to your own security challenges. He knows how to instill the security culture that no tools or software can provide and he can help you do the same. 

When Dick is not involved with Cybersecurity he shifts focus on providing executive leadership, mentoring to peers, and participates in public speaking engagements to share his experiences and knowledge.  He brings with him an outgoing attitude that engages crowds and delivers an entertaining keynote speaker presentation your employees are sure to remember.

Don’t waste time finding the “best cybersecurity speakers” when you have arrived.

He’s awarded!


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